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Our Learning Story

Our Learning Story

Our Story

Davidson Road is a K-6 elementary school located in the heart of Lake Country.  Home to close to 500 students, we are a school that has a strong and equal focus on the academics, the arts, and sport.  A rich and diverse student body populates the Davidson Road community and many of our students possess a wide range interests and abilities. 

Davidson Road has a dedicated and experienced staff who offer many opportunities for our students' growth.  Along with the many learning experiences that occur inside the classroom, the staff also allow opportunities for multiple extra-curricular activities as a result of their dedication volunteerism, and expertise.

The school also has a supportive community of parents.  Our PAC members, who support the school in a variety of ways, dedicate a great deal of time to provide our students and our school with opportunities that we would otherwise not be afforded.  Whether it be through the purchasing of iPads, literacy resources, or field trips, Davidson Road is a better place because of the strong involvement of our parents.

When we scanned the school population and attempted to determine where we could best serve the needs of the students, it was recognized that we were doing a great job in addressing a multitude of needs of many of our students.  However, after discussing with staff how we could be address our students' needs, it was decided that our focus would be on growth mindset, and in particular, how we can improve the grit of our students. 

Literacy and numeracy are still our academic focus but we wanted to weave the work of growth mindset throughout the course of our school day.  We know that students who can persevere through difficult times (making mistakes, not being successfull initially) are more likely to become adults who are able to display these same qualities.  We believe that with an intentional approach at school, we can model and demonstrate to the students that they are all capable of achieving a growth mindset in different areas of their life.  Moreover, we believe that we can improve the resliience and the grit of our students and help them develop a mindset that can benefit them in the school years as well as in their adult lives.

We felt that with the right model and the right approach, we would be able to provide a clear focus, in terms of mindset, for targeting the needs of all of our students.  As a result, this idea led to a growth mindset inquiry at Davidson Road.